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Router show commands

Router show command:
In working with router a network engineer must need to know the show command of router, with this command router can able to show your desired configuration. There are so many show commands. If you can’t able to remember it then going to configuration mode you can write and after giving a space you may place a ‘?’ sign.
Press enter. See what come:

Router#show ?
  aaa  -----------      Show AAA values
  access-lists   --------List access lists
  arp        ---------------     Arp table
  cdp      -------------       CDP information
  class-map     --------------  Show QoS Class Map
  clock      ---------------     Display the system clock
  controllers   -------------  Interface controllers status
  crypto    --------------      Encryption module
  debugging    ----------------   State of each debugging option
  dhcp     ---------------       Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol status
  file      -------------      Show filesystem information
  flash:      ------------    display information about flash: file system
  frame-relay   -----------  Frame-Relay information
  history     ---------------    Display the session command history
  hosts       ---------------    IP domain-name, lookup style, nameservers, and host table
  interfaces    -----------------  Interface status and configuration
  ip       ------------------       IP information
  line       -----------------     TTY line information
  logging     --------------    Show the contents of logging buffers
  login      --------------------     Display Secure Login Configurations and State
  ntp       ---------------      Network time protocol
  policy-map    -----------------  Show QoS Policy Map
  privilege    -----------------   Show current privilege level
  processes    -----------------   Active process statistics
  protocols     -------------------  Active network routing protocols
  queue      -----------------------     Show queue contents
  queueing   ------------------     Show queueing configuration
  running-config ------------------ Current operating configuration
  sessions     ----------------------   Information about Telnet connections
  snmp       ----------------------     snmp statistics
  ssh        ----------------------     Status of SSH server connections
  standby      ---------------------------   standby configuration
  startup-config ----------------------- Contents of startup configuration
  tcp       ---------------------------      Status of TCP connections
  tech-support  --------------------  Show system information for Tech-Support
  terminal     -----------------------   Display terminal configuration parameters
  users        ---------------------------   Display information about terminal lines
  version    -----------------------     System hardware and software status

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    1. Dear Lim,
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