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CCNA v5 : Chapter 9,10,11

Hi, friends, how are you? Me fine. Today I’m going to introduce with you CCNA V 5 : Routing and switching concepts, Chapter 9,10 and 11. So let’s see what is mainly discussed in this chapters:
Chapter 9: ACL or Access Control List
Chapter 10: DHCP
Chapter 11: NAT or Network Address Translation for IPv4

These are the last three chapters in this semester. Hope that you have studies the previous chapters very well, I think that these chapters are related to all the previous chapters. And also so important for those who wants to do better in the future which security work.

In chapter 9 you can find the ACL or Access Control List. General operation of Access Control List are discussed here. Also you can learn the standard and extended operation of ACL. You can also able to learn about troubleshoot of ACL. Generally when you want to permit some of IP address then you need to apply the concept of ACL. So in a word we can say that ACL filters traffic in a network.

Download power point file for better study:
Size: 5.57mb

For more CCNA v5 materials may visit here CCNA v5 

Hope that you'll enjoy. Will be back with in a short time with more post. Till then bye bye.
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