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CCNA v5 : Chapter 6,7,8

In this post we’ll discuss about ccna v5, routing and switching concepts:
Chapter 6: Static routing
Chapter 7: Dynamic routing
Chapter 8: Single area OSPF

Now you can have the question, what we can learn after studying this chapters? The answer is you can gain a almost clear concept on static routing, Dynamic routing and OSPF protocol.
So let’s start our discussion from static routing. Static routing means doing all the router related words statically. That means if you want to assign ip address then you can do this manually in all the section. Though it is time consuming but you it can help to improve your confidence in the field of networking. Generally the ip address are assigned on the ports of the routers.
Dynamic routing means, assign ip address dynamically, Here you don’t need to assign IP address statically. Generally in abig network where there is not possible of assign IP address statically , there is assign IP address dynamically. I think that it is a easy of assigning IP address. Here you can also define the restricted and accepted IP address. For doing this you need to have the knowledge of ACL that means access control list.

Now we discuss about single area ospf. Generally as there are three kinds of routing protocols, OSPF is one of them. OSPF has also some parts, they are:
Single area OSPF v2
Single area OSPF v3
 Generally OSPF protocols are more effective because it cave the facility of efficient, fast convergence, scalable and secure. When you need to enter the OSPF area you just need to go to the global configuration mode and need to enter the command:
Router ospf 1
Here 1 is defined as area code. The area code vary, it depends on the networking area and other same protocol area routing.
 Now I’m providing you the power point presentation of these three chapter. Hope that this will help of. And if you study clearly you can gain so many knowledge.

Size: 6.34mb

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  1. Thanks for this..
    Do you have the first chapters also ?