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Speed Fan software free download

Speed fan is a software which will help you to monitor you CPU fan speed. Through this you can also see the configuration of the computer. Here configurations indicates mainly in the fan related components of your hardware.  So I think that it is a software that will help you to monitor the CPU fan. Also the manufacturer says that you can able to change the fan speed of your CPU according to the temperature. So as a result this can change the FSB result.

After installing and opening it, you can see the tabs named Reading, Clock, Info, Exotics, S.M.A.R.T. and charts. Almost all the charts contains so many information. So do the task vest carefully. That means do the operations of this software very carefully. For more help you can contact the developer of this software.

Size: 2.07MB
Link:  Speed Fan

Speed fan

Speed Fan software free download
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