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Basic Knowledge on Cisco Networking Tool

Cisco is a company which is popular for the helping in the section of computer networking. For having proper computer networking you need to have Cisco configuration tool. There are so many types of Cisco configuration tool. Among them packet tracer is more reliable and popular. Because packet tracer will help you to design a network topology virtually. I think that this is a must needed tool for a network engineer. Without it is almost impossible to create a network and its working procedure. The Cisco configuration tool that means Cisco packet tracer you can download from here.
One other Cisco configuration tool is Cisco dynamic configuration tool. It helps its users to connect the Cisco systems clearly, that means through this you can connect the Cisco company for the product registration, product complexity and other so many topics, it think that if you can contact them you can get more solution from them. Cisco also provides other Cisco configuration tools like Cisco power calculator, Cisco inter network operating system software selector, Cisco partner locator. Also Cisco may provide some other Cisco configuration tool. You can found them in their website.
Let's have a small discussion on the topology design that means virtually network design tool, Cisco configuration tool, Cisco packet tracer. Cisco releases their packet tracer versions after some days or some years. The present version is version 6.0.1. You can download it if you are a Cisco student you can download it from the Cisco web site by logging in their web site. After logging in you can find Cisco packet tracer under resource folder. From there you also download another tool name Cisco networking academy. It is a tool that may help you to increase your knowledge. Generally it is a game. In this game you may find cyber cafe, office, university, home and so many places. You need to go to the demanded place and then need to configure the computer system there. That means you need to configure the computer networking systems there. By configuring computer systems properly you can earn points and after that you can spend that earned coins for gaining knowledge from the university section. I think that if you play the game properly them you may gain some knowledge clearly. Now let's come to the point of Cisco packet tracer. Cisco packet tracer is a network simulator tool. If you design a network through it, and if it work clearly, then in the real network you can do this properly. And this network will work properly. Now the question may arise in your mind that can anyone operate, that means can able to do the correct operation of Cisco packet tracer. I think that those who are engaged with networking can able to realize the functions and symbols properly. You can see the image of computer, server and other types of networking systems there. You can just drag the components and connect them through the wires. So hope that you can do your work and networking simulation and enrich your knowledge clearly.
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  1. I'm actually doing bachelor in computer science, the current subject which I've enrolled in this semester is about computer networks and communication. As teacher recommend me to use Cisco packet tracer for final semester project So, I've just started searching about it.