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Cisco Certification Exam Discount Vouchers(Frequently Asked Questions, part 4)

Q14. How long will it take for my exam discount request to be completed?

A. From the time a discount is requested on your Learn tab, it will take approximately two weeks to receive your discount details enabling you to register for the exam. This processing time is in addition to the validity period.
 Please request your voucher as soon as you become eligible so you will not experience any unnecessary delays and ensure that you can take your exam at the earliest desired date.

Q15. How do I locate my exam discount information?

A. You may review your exam discount information within your NetSpace profile or by checking the Cisco exam discount information email.
Follow these steps to review your exam discount information:
1. Sign in to NetSpace.
2. Click your name in the upper-right corner to access your profile.
3. Scroll down to Certification Exam Discounts and Vouchers and click the Available tab.
Q16. How do I track my exam discount information?
A. You can track your discount status on your NetSpace profile page. The following status messages are possible:
a. “Pending” means that your request is being processed. Processing usually takes five business days. This status could also mean that you have not verified your email address. If so, that issue is noted in red, and you can click the Resend Email button to receive the verification email again.
b. “Available” means you can use your discount and apply the promotion code upon registration at Pearson VUE.
c. “Expired/Canceled” means the exam discount request has expired or has been canceled and cannot be used.

Q17. What are some recommended resources for preparing to take a certification exam?
A. Candidates can access resources through the Cisco Learning Network Certifications site.
Q18. I was eligible for a voucher and upgraded my account from Academy Connection to NetSpace. How do I request my voucher in NetSpace if I don’t see a link on my homepage Learn tab?
A. Networking Academy will honor your voucher eligibility. Please ask your instructor to contact the Networking Academy Support Desk on your behalf. They will validate your eligibility and ensure you have the appropriate link(s) on your homepage Learn tab.

Cisco Certification Exam Discount Vouchers(Frequently Asked Questions, part 4)
  • Title : Cisco Certification Exam Discount Vouchers(Frequently Asked Questions, part 4)
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