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Cisco Certification Exam Discount Vouchers(Frequently Asked Questions, part 2`)

Q6. How will I know if I have qualified for a certification exam discount?

A. Qualifying candidates will receive an email notification that they are eligible for an exam discount voucher. Additionally, they will see a Request Voucher link on the Learn tab of their NetSpace homepage after their instructor indicates they have completed a qualifying course in the grade book.

Here’s an example of a link that may appear on the Learn tab of a candidate’s homepage

Note: If you do not receive notification or see a link, it means you have yet to qualify.

Q7. How many certification exam discounts can a Networking Academy student or instructor receive?

A. When qualifications are met, a maximum of two exam discounts are provided:
● For Cisco CCENT® certifications, one exam discount is provided for ICND1.
● For Cisco CCNA certifications, candidates can choose to take the exam in two parts and receive two discounts (for ICND1 and ICND2), or a candidate can choose to take the exam in one sitting and receive one discount for the CCNA Composite exam.

Q8. How can students and instructors receive additional exam discounts?
A. Since Networking Academy will issue only one exam discount per eligible candidate per exam, candidates are encouraged to study before the certification exams. Exam discounts cannot be reissued.

Q9. Can candidates who fail a certification exam use the exam discount a second time?
A. The exam discount is valid for one use only. Candidates who fail the certification exam will not be issued a second exam discount.

Q10. How long are exam discounts valid?

A. When the discount is issued, the expiration date will be displayed on your NetSpace profile page under Certification Exam Discounts and Vouchers. The expiration date can also be found in the Cisco exam discount information email you receive from
A discount is valid for three months from the day you become eligible. However, to accommodate students who will take the new CCNA exams after having completed the earlier version of the curriculum, the validity period of vouchers for the new CCNA exams will be temporarily extended to six months. As a result, all CCNA vouchers requested between 13 September 2013 and 13 March 2014 will have a six-month validity period. This extension gives students extra time to prepare for the new CCNA exams.

Q11. Why is the expiration date of my exam discount different from the date of my classmate’s discount?

A. The date of discount expiration is determined by the date you take your course final exam. Expiration dates of discounts may vary depending on when a candidate completes the course final exam.

Cisco Certification Exam Discount Vouchers(Frequently Asked Questions, part 2`)
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