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Web Design: HTML, Part 1

HTML is the basic language for web design.It is very difficult for anyone to design a web page if he/she has no knowledge of HTML code. We can use windows default program notepad for designing a HTML page.
(Windows operating system)
Start>>programs/All programs>>Accessories>>Notepad.
So in this way one can open notepad.

Now using this we have to write HTML code.
HTML code starts  as
<html> and ends  as</html>
Between this two tags main body parts goes.The “/ “sign indicates the ends of the coding.

After coding such way you have to go to the file option and by clicking save as option.After a window will open then you have to select file types(save as type): all files and in the place of file name name.html.Plz note that you have to write .html after the name.It is very important.

By doing this you can get a html file.Then open that file and see that write what you have written between <html> and </html>

Web Design: HTML, Part 1
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