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WEB DESIGN: Basic concepts

At present web design has become very popular around the world.Also in freelance market the importance of web-designer has increased.There are a lot of work in freelance market about web design.Web design means creating and developing a web site.That site may contain 3 pages, 4 pages or whatever, depending the capability of server.Generally the web design has some language.Among those HTML is the basic and most popular language.At presents “php” has also become popular.JAVA,CSS(Cascading style sheet), etc. are also used.At present CMS(content management site) are very popular.The most two popular sites is Joomla and Wordpress. Joomla and wordpress contains a full package of a CMS site.One can free download and install Joomla or Wordpress and easily handle his e-commerce web site.On the other hand the web pages are generally devied as two ways.They are:

1.       Static site
2.       Dynamic site

Most of the site we see in the web is static site.Static site generally build by HTML & CSS.Generally this site doesn’t contain database programming or log-in form.

Dynamic site generally looks dynamic.It contains voting option for its visitors,Log-in form, special effects and so on.This kind of site generally build by HTML, CSS, php, mysql, java and so on.Dynamic web site generally used database for collecting data(log-in information, voting information,etc)
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  • Title : WEB DESIGN: Basic concepts
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