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How to build a Small Network using cisco packet tracer

Here in this post, we'll learn how to build a simple network using cisco packet tracer. These method is actually provided by cisco. So lets start :


Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:
• Correctly identify cables for use in the network. 
• Physically cable a peer-to-peer and switched network. 
• Verify basic connectivity on each network.

Task 1: Create a Peer-to-Peer Network:

Step 1: Connect two workstations. Using the correct Ethernet cable, connect two workstations together. Connect one end of the cable to the NIC port on PC1 and the other end of the cable to PC2.
Step 2: Use the following chart to apply a Layer 3 address to the workstations.
PC NameIP AddressSubnet Mask

Task 2: Verify connectivity.

Step 1: Use the ping command to verify that PC1 can reach PC2 and PC2 can reach PC1. From the PC1 command prompt, type ping "

For compliting this topology, you may need to have a packet tracer file. So lets download this cisco packet tracer file:

no image
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