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Cisco packet tracer practice : Install a Wireless NIC

In this post you are going to see, how you can Install a Wireless NIC.

So lets start. First download this packet tracer file:
Download link: Install a Wireless NIC

Learning Objectives
·        Install a wireless NIC.
·        Configure a PC to join a wireless network.

In this activity, you will configure PC2 as a wireless PC to connect to the existing wireless network via the Linksys WRT300N (WRS1).

Task 1: Move the wired PCs to the wireless Network
Step 1: Replace PC2’s Wired NIC by a Wireless NIC
a.    Remove the Ethernet cable connecting PC2 to WRS1 by clicking the X button (located in the right hand bar) then clicking the Ethernet cable.
b.    Click PC2 to open its configuration window.
c.    Click the Physical tab.
d.    Power off PC2 by clicking its power button (You may have to scroll up/down to be able to see the power button).
e.    Uninstall the wired card by clicking and dragging it from the computer body back to the modules list. (You may have to scroll up/down to be able to see the card installed in the computer).
f.      From the Modules list on the left side, click and drag the Linksys-WMP300N module onto PC2’s empty slot to install it.
g.    Click the power button to power PC2 back on.
h.    Because PC2 hasn’t been configured to join the existing network, no connectivity can be achieved at this point. Continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Configure the PC2 to join the existing wireless network.
a.    Click PC2 to open its configuration window.
b.    Click the Desktop tab and select PC Wireless.
c.    Notice that PC2 is not associated to any wireless networks yet.
d.    Still under PC Wireless, click the Connect tab.
e.    Allow a few seconds for PC2 to detect the beacons sent by WRS1 over the air. You should see the existing wireless network identified as aCompany listed in the Wireless Network Name column.
f.      Click the network identified as aCompany to select it to use then click the Connect button.
g.    Notice that PC2 is now associated to WRS1 by clicking the Link Information tab.
h.    Go to Desktop > IP Configuration and select DHCP.
i.      PC2 should now be ready to communicate to other devices connected to the network.

Task 2: Verify address configuration of PC2
Step 1: View IP address configuration of PC2.
a.    Click PC2 to open its configuration window.
b.    Under Desktop tab, click the Command Prompt button.
c.    Type ipconfig /all and then press the Enter key.
d.    What is the IP address of the computer?

e.      What is the subnet mask of the computer?

f.    What is the default gateway of the computer?

g.      Still from Command Prompt in PC2, ping the other two PCs (PC0 and PC1) in the network. The pings should be successful.
Note: Since IP information is being acquired over DHCP, IP addresses may differ from those listed above.

Check your score. It should be 100%.

Install a Wireless NIC

Cisco packet tracer practice : Install a Wireless NIC
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