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How to download torrent file from torrent site+ u torrent download

Here in this post we’ll discuss about a new software, although you may have heard about it, the name of this software is uTorrent. Well, this is a software through which you can download the torrent files easily. Just download and install this software, it is available for Microsoft windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. And also available for both Microsoft windows 32 bit and 64 bit. Just download this program from here and then install it in as usual way.
After successful installation you can able to see a desktop icon in desktop and also find the program in the all program section. Just open this software as like you open any other software. Then you’ll find a menu, here click the add link button, then a window may appear to you. Here you need to post the desired torrent link which you have collected from the torrent site. Also you may able to upload the .torrent file from the place, where you have placed the torrent link.
Now the question may appear to you that, from which you can get the torrent link of that file, it is so easy, like general search engine torrent files has also a search engine. Different types of search engine you may find of torrent. Among them is a popular torrent search engine. You can go there and type your desired search query. You may find so many results. From that results if you click one, then you can see that the same files remains in so many torrent sites. Just click any one, but it is recommended that you take those one sites, which is popular and have good ratings. Then after clicking the link you will be redirected to that site.
If is said that you should choose the files which has good seeders and leechers. If that files has good number of seeders and leechers then you can able to download that file more and more easily and through speedier. Also you can see the description from there. If this is a video file you have chosen, then you can able to see the thumbnail in a jpeg format, of that file.
Hope that from this post you can able to realize how to download file from torrent and how to download the torrent software.
Well, now I’m giving a mirror link from file hippo site.

Size : 738KB
Link : software download
Lets have some screen shot on this

How to download torrent file from torrent site+ u torrent download
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