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How to install Ubuntu virtually in windows platform

In this post we'll see how to install Ubuntu virtually in windows platform. As windows platform we've used windows 8. For visualization we use a software named VMware player. And used Ubuntu iso file version 14.04. First you need to download VMware player, it is a freeware and may download by searching from any site.
After that download the iso file of Ubuntu, here i have used 14.04 version of Ubuntu and it is 970mb.

First install the VMware player as normal software installation process. After that lets see how we have done this dork step by step:

After opening VMware we’ll see the interface like that


After that we have to create a virtual blank hard disk


In this step we have to select the operating system and its version


In this step we have to insert the virtual machine name and location for saving OS file

Now we need to select the amount of space for the virtual disk and split virtual disk system

It is the final step of virtual disk creation. By clicking finish we can able to finish creating virtual disk file
 Now after opening VMware we’ll see an option after the Home button. We’ll the select the Ubuntu, and then click the Edit virtual machine setting


In this step in the hardware tab we select the CD/DVD(SATA) option, and then click the use ISO image file and then browse the iso set up file of Ubuntu.

After that returning the main interface, we select the Ubuntu under Home menu and then click the Play virtual machine


Then the installation starts as like normal windows installation….
Installation continues……
Finally Ubuntu is installed.


How to install Ubuntu virtually in windows platform
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