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CCNA Skill final sample question of semester 4 (Exploration v 4.0) (set 1)

Here I’m providing you the skill final question of semester 4 of CCNA Exploration 4.0. I think that this is so important for those who want to be a good networking engineer. Both skill final and online final are equally important for this semester. You may find some security basic of CCNA in this semester. So for having this importance in mind I’m providing you the sample practice question of this semester, Here you can find the packet tracer file and also the questions, but sorry to say that, the questions are in low quality images. I can insure you that if I can find better quality questions of it then I’ll surely share it with you. Also in the future I’ll try to share the solution of this question. So best of luck and have a happy practice. 

Size: 3.74 mb
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Here you can find screen shot of this. Hope that you may enjoy.

ccna skill final
CCNA Skill final sample question of semester 4 (Exploration v 4.0) (set 1)
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