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Celebration of Bangla new Year : 1420, Pahela Boishakh

Pahela  Boishakh is the 1st day of Bangla new year . It is a colourful day for the people of Bangla culture loving people. The whole country celebrates this day with great joy. For doing the best work and removing the worsts from the society, is the main theme of this program.

In this day many organization arrange various programs. The Charukola Institute of Dhaka University arranges the program of whole day. At the beginning of the day they arranges traditional food eating program. The traditional food is called ‘Panta-Ilish’. After that they bring out a rally containing balloons, festoons etc. A cultural program for all day long is also arranged by them.

There are also so many organizations in our country that arranges so many programs all around the country. Ramna batmul is a favourite place where many people visit for enjoying cultural program.
In Khulna city this program also held successfully every year. The people of Khulna enjoy this program very much.The various organization of this city arranges various programs for all day long.The celebration of bangla new year 1420 was sponsored by Banglalink,  a leading mobile company of Bangladesh, whom arranges a program in the side of Rupsha Bridge, Rupsha, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Here is some scenery of Rupsha Bridge, Rupsha, Khulna, Bangladesh

 Pictures of Rupsha Bridge, Rupsha, Khulna, Bangladesh


Also holding the tradition of other years, Khulna University arranges various programs which started with eating traditional food ‘Panta-Ilish’. After that the students of Khulna University bring out a rally. The cultural programs held at the evening.In the main campus of Khulna University almost every discipline of Khulna University gave a stall and sold the traditional foods, balloons festoons etc. The people of Khulna city came that place and enjoyed very much.The program of Khulna University was sponsored by airtel, a leading mobile company of Bangladesh.

  Pictures of celebrating Bangla new year 1420 in Khulna University Campus

Celebration of Bangla new Year :  1420, Pahela  Boishakh
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